Mafia Leader’s Bizarre Test for Loyalty Ends with a Shocking Request—You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

Unsure of what’s going on, the right-hand man goes into the bathroom, jerks off into the plastic cup, and comes out.

The Mafia leader says, “Good, good. Now do it again. Don’t forget to bring it out.”

The Mafia leader hands him a new cup. So the guy goes back into the bathroom and does the same thing. He walks out tired with much less in the cup than the first time. This routine goes on for three more times. The Mafia leader sees this and says, “Very good, very good. Do it one last time.”

He hands him a new cup and the guy goes back into the bathroom. The guy is barely able to walk and drags himself out of the bathroom. He comes out and there’s hardly a tiny drop in the cup.

The Mafia leader now says, “Alright Paulie, I want you to take my daughter to the movies and bring her back.

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