Man and Parrot Cause Chaos on Plane—You Won’t Believe How Their Wild Ride Ends!

Moments later, comes the flight attendant:

 Good evening can I serve you anything?

The parrot says: Bring a nice cold beer you whore!

The attendant is startled by it, but well, the client is always right.

She then comes back with beer. The parrot chugs it and say again:

Now I’m the mood for some wine, bring me a red wine you bitch!

The man seeing the opportunity says:

Can you bring me a glass of water please? Thank you

The attendant grabs the wine, but forgets the glass of water, she comes back and the parrot says:

Goddammit your piece of shit, I’ve told you already I dont like dry wine, bring me a sweet one

And the guy says:

-And bring my water please? Just a small glass, pretty please

Then she goes back to the bar grabs the wine, but forgets the water again, as she walks back, the guy, annoyed, tries to use the parrot tactic and says

Jesus fucking christ you stupid bitch, I’ve told two times already to bring me my water!

The attendant is done with it:

That’s it! I wont tolerate this treatment no more!

She then goes to the pilot and tell him about the parrot and the man, the pilot goes to the both of them and says:

You two are cursing everybody in this airplane? Thats it you are out

He then grabs both, open the door and kicks them out of the airplane

As both of them are falling the parrot says:

Damn bro, for someone that doesn’t have wings you’re really fucking brave!

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