When 14 year Old kid hides himself in a Closet

Man: “Great.”

Son: “Do you want to buy it?”

Man: “No thanks.”

Son: “My father is out there …”

Man: “Okay, how much?”

Son: “250 €”

Man: “Okay.”

After three weeks the same thing happens again, once again the son and the lover are in the closet

Son: “Kinda dark in here.”

Man: “Yes.”

Son: “I have a baseball glove.”

Man sighs: “How much is it this time?”

Son: “750 €”

Man: “Damn, All right.”

A couple of days later the father asks his son to grab his Baseball and his Glove to play

Boy: “I can’t, I sold those.

“Father: “Really? For how much?

“Boy: “1000 €”

Father: “It is outrageous to rip off your friends like that. You come to church now and confess your sins.”

Both go to church and the father puts the boy in the confessional. box

Boy: “Kinda dark in here.

“Pastor: “Cut the Crap!”

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