When a Fat Guy joined an Interesting and Exotic Weight Loss Program

woman is too athletic and he cannot catch up to her. After an exhausting hour, he finally gives up. He heads home and discovers that he has lost 5 pounds.

The next day, the fat guy decides to try again. This time, instead of one woman in the basketball court, it is 2 naked women. They both have to same sign around their necks.

“if you catch us, you can fuck us in the ass.”

The fat guy again chases them around for 1 hour without success. At least he has lost another 5 pounds of weight.

Seeing how effective the sessions are, the fat guy decides to book a premium session.

The next day, he is taken to the basketball court again. This time, there are no women. Instead, there are 10 naked men with signs around their necks.

“If we catch you, we get to fuck you in the ass.”

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