When a Lawyer saw two Homeless Man eating Grass

The lawyer shakes his head. “You don’t have to do that. Hop in my car and you can eat at my place.”

The first homeless man says, “but sir, I’m not alone. My wife and two children are just there, under that tree.” He points to his small family hiding at the side of the road.

The lawyer smiles. “They can eat at my place, too.”

The second homeless man says, “my wife and four kids are with me too.” He points to his family, gathered behind a bush.

The lawyer nods in understanding. “You’re all welcome to join us.”

So the homeless men and their families climb into the limo, and the lawyer tells his driver to return home.

“Sir, you are too kind,” the second homeless man says in gratitude.

The lawyer smiles warmly at them. “Don’t mention it. You guys are gonna love my place; the grass is a foot high!”

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