When Florist introduced a woman to a fellow Florist who has 10 inch Pen*s

“Yesterday?!” she gasps. “How did they hit it off so quickly?”

“Well, he’s a handsome man and a wonderful lover, for one. He’s a really nice guy, of course. And to top it off,” he says, leaning into a whisper, “he’s got a 10-inch cock!”

She giggles, blushing. “Sounds like a catch! Where can I find him?”

“He’s just a block over. But fair warning…he’s also a little…kooky. He’s only interested in women named after flowers. So if I ever meet a woman with a flowery name, I send her his way.”

He points at the rose. “Then, he sends me the flower as a thank you. Yesterday was Rose. A week ago, I recommended Violet to him,” he says, indicating a slightly wilted violet in a vase behind him.

The woman thanks him and leaves, bitterly cursing her own name. Nevertheless, she visits the well-endowed florist’s shop. Stepping up to the counter, she pointedly says, “I heard you are particularly…skilled… in certain areas?”

He smirks. “So I have been told. And who might you be?”

She grins. “I was referred by your friend down the street. Perhaps you can…assist me?”

“Perhaps,” he says, “but tell me…what is your name?”

She hesitates. Then, pouting slightly, she replies “Kristen, but everyone calls me Kris.”

His smile falters, and his head sinks as he shakes his head. Kris’s heart drops, knowing she’s blown her chance.

“Well then…if it’s not too much trouble, I’d like some flowers for my mother.”

“Of course, what kind of….” Suddenly, he brightens up again. Without another word, he locks the shop door, swoops upon her, and takes her into his arms.

Three hours of mind-altering orgasms later, she bids him goodbye with a kiss as he presents a complimentary bouquet for her mother.

“And please,” he says, “tell your sweet mama she is welcome to as many flowers from my shop as she would like.”

Flustered with ecstasy, she promises to convey the message, and calls her mother that night to tell her everything.

The next day, Kris feels incredible, and stops by the original florist’s shop.

“I just wanted to thank you for telling me about that dashing gentleman! He was AMAZING!”

He smiles sheepishly. “I suppose I should thank you too. I just got another beautiful flower for recommending you to him.”

“Really? What flower could he have possibly sent that was named after me?”

The florist sighs. “Chrysanthemum.”

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