A Doorbell Ring Leads to a Shocking Request! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

Kim says “No, you just missed him. He went to the hardware store, and I was just going to jump into the shower”

Jim hesitates for a second, and says “Kim – please keep this between us, but I always thought you were sexy as hell. I’ll give you $500 if you take that robe off and let me see you totally nude. I won’t touch, but I want you to put your hands in your hair, and do a nice, slow turn-around, so I can see everything

Kim thinks for a minute. She needs the money, and it seems pretty harmless, so she drops her robe and shows Jim the goods. Jim says “you are beautiful” and gives her 5 $100 bills, then leaves.

Jason gets back from the hardware store later, and Kim tells him Jim stopped by to see him.

Jason says to Kim, “That’s great. Did Jim bring the 500 bucks he owes me?”

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