Comedian Stuns Alzheimer’s Home Crowd, But One Man’s Question Leaves Him Speechless!

The comedian says, “Well, that doesn’t sound too good.”

“No!” says the director. “They’ll love you. They will be so happy to get some entertainment. Please. You’ll see.”

So the comedian goes out and tells his first joke. Big laugh. Huge. He thinks, “Well, that’s a good start.”

So he decides to tell the same joke again. This time he gets an even bigger laugh. So he tells it again. Gigantic laugh; the audience is falling out of their seats.

He tells the same joke a few more times; each time he gets an even bigger response.

The whole time there’s a guy in the back watching the show, but not laughing; just sitting there rubbing his chin. Finally the comedian tells the same joke one last time and says, “Good-night, everybody!”

Thunderous applause. Huge standing ovation. As he’s leaving the comedian walks past the guy in the back.

The guy says, “That’s quite a show you just did there.”

The comedian says, “Thank you very much.”

The guy says, “Let me ask you something: how do you remember all of those jokes?”

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