Employee’s Hilarious Excuse Reveals Unusual Tuesday Tradition – Boss Left Speechless!

Looks fine, no sign of any health problems. Works just fine for the whole week, then calls the boss again on Tuesday:

Mr. Allen: Sorry, Chief, sick again. Can’t work today.

The same story repeats a third time, a fourth time… finally, the boss tires of it and calls the man to his office:

Boss: Listen, Mr Allen. You are a good worker, but what is this deal with you being sick? There is no such thing that a man is sick each Tuesday and fine on other days. Explain.

Mr. Allen: Well, you see, Chief, it’s my sister. Her life has been really off lately. So, each Tuesday she comes over to complain about another jerk or two who broke her heart, she cries about it, I console her, we drink a bit and we end up, well, in bed.

Boss: What!? In bed!? With your sister? What are you, sick?

Mr. Allen: Well, yes, Chief. I told you right away, I’m sick.

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