Husband Returns Home to Find Wife Engaged in Unusual Behavior!

but she remember he is a man and calls him into the bedroom.

She is laying there naked and pours maple syrup all over her pu**y and tells him breakfast is served. He goes to town and has one hell of a start to his day.

For lunch, Bill decides to come home and have a nice lunch with his new Wife and when he calls ahead, sally plays it off like it’s no problem.

He comes home, she calls him into the bedroom with bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes all over her body, and once again Bill goes to town.

After returning to work and the day is about to end, sally calls Bill at the office to tell him that he is going to have a nice hot meal waiting for him when he gets home.

After not really eating much throughout the day, Bill is famished and is looking forward to a nice cut of meat cooked right to perfect.

When Bill arrives at home, he walks in and sees his wife naked sliding down the hand rail on the stairs. He stops her and asks her what the hell she is Doing?

Sally replies, ” I’m heating up Dinner.”

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