These Last Words of Girl who died in a Car Accident will make you Cry

When the party finally ended, people started driving even though they were unable to do that properly. I went to the car knowing that I`ll go home in peace. I could never imagine what was waiting for me, mother.

Now I`m sitting helplessly on the road and listening as the officer explains, “The boy who caused the accident was drunk.”

Mother, his voice sounded like he was so far away. My blood is all around me and I`m trying with all my forces not to cry.

I heard the doctors saying: “This girl is going to die.” It looks like the young guy who drove full speed, decided to drink and drive and now I must die!

Why do people do it, mother, knowing that they will destroy many lives? The pain is cutting me like hundred knives.

Tell my sister not to cry, tell daddy to be strong. And when I go to heaven I will take care of all of you.

Someone should have taught that boy that it is wrong to drink and drive. Maybe if his parents told him that, now I would not be on the edge of dying.

My breathing is becoming weak, more and more. Mother, these are my last moments and I feel desperate. I want to hold my mother while I lie here and die.

I want to tell you how much I love you, Mother … I … I … love you … Goodbye”

These sentences were written by the journalist who witnessed the accident. While the girl was dying, she said these sentences and the journalist wrote them … very carefully.

That same reporter started this campaign. Send this article to your friends, relatives and people that you love … maybe your life will be the one that would be saved or the lives of your loved persons.

Please do not allow others to drive drunk. You drive, or call a taxi or a friend!

If you are reading this now click “Share” – “Share” so that you would turn the attention to many other people. Be responsible and careful – do not drink and drive!

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