Three Hilarious Geezers Share Wild Morning Routine! You Won’t Believe the Timing!

Geezer 2 – I haven’t been able to take a good shit in years. It’s either runny or constipated and it’s never complete or satisfying.

Geezer 3 – You guys have it made. At 7am every morning like clockwork, I have my morning piss. It’s like Niagara Falls and it don’t stop gushing till my bladder’s bone dry. Then comes my morning dump. It’s like the Chunnel opens up and I give birth to a continent of shit, totally empties me out. That’s at 8am like clockwork.

Geezers 1&2 – So what’s the problem, then?

Geezer 3 – The problem is I don’t get up till 9.

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