When 30 Years old Virg*n Steve visited Broth*l

room and fuck a chicken”.

Seeing as he drove all this way, Steve decided to take the offer, fucked the chicken, and drove home.

The next day, feeling unaccomplished, he decides to drive down to the brothel again to make up for the night before.

When he arrives, he is told once again that all of the ladies are booked for the night. Instead of a chicken, the owner offered to let him watch two dwarfs have sex in the back room for $5. Once again, he accepts the offer.

He enters the room to see two dwarfs having sex, with a few other spectators. After some time passes, he turns to the man next to him and says “is it just me, or is this kind of weird”?

The man replies “You think THIS is weird? Yesterday we watched a guy fuck a chicken”!

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