When 40 Years old Virgin John started praying to Angels to get laid

I’m just a Tier 3 angel, and I don’t have the authority to grant such wishes”, and then disappeared.

John wasn’t discouraged one bit. He continued his praying rituals.10 more years went by, and on his 60th birthday, another angel appeared and John presented his wish. The angel replied, ” You see John, I’m just a tier 2 angel and I don’t have the power to grant such wishes”, and then disappeared.

John was steadfast in his quest. He continued his praying rituals, and on his 70th birthday another angel appeared. John by now was a desperate man. Age had caught upto him and he could hardly get erections. It was now or never.

He was almost in tears and told the angel “I’ve been praying to angels for the past 30 years, and the last two angels who appeared before me couldn’t help me out; You are my last hope”

The angel replied “John, you have nothing to worry about. I am a Tier 1 angel, and I can grant you any wish”.

John was thrilled to hear this and told the angel his wish

” I’m 70 years old and yet I haven’t had the pleasure of bedding a woman. I wish with all my heart that I don’t die a virgin”.

The angel smiled, and with a small snap of her finger, granted his wish.

John was immortal now.

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