When a Burglar broke into a House

a little louder, “Jesus is still watching you!”

“What’s going on?” he thought. He waited a little longer before continuing his search. Again, he heard “Jesus is watching you!”

The burglar couldn’t stand it any longer. He switched on his flashlight, and there, sitting on the perch, was a parrot.

“Was that you talking?” Asked the burglar.

“Yes,” said the parrot.

“Well, you talk pretty well,” said the burglar.

“I’ve been talking for fifty years,” said the parrot.

“You gave me a fright when I came in,” said the burglar. “What’s your name?”

“Alfred,” replied the parrot.

“That’s a pretty weird name for a parrot,” said the burglar.

“Yeah, but not as weird as ‘Jesus’ for a rottweiler.”

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