When a Firefighter Tried to Apply His Work Rules at Home with His Wife

He goes on, “So let’s do the same thing here at home. When I say Bell #1 we take off all our clothes. When I say Bell #2 we jump into bed. Then when I say Bell #3 we start making love.”

Excited by the new idea his wife replies, “Sure thing, let’s give it a shot!”

The next night the firefighter walks through the front door and yells, “Bell #1!”

His wife instantly takes off all her clothes.

He then yells out, “Bell #2!”

His wife jumps straight into the bed.

He then yells out, “Bell #3!”

The couple passionately begin to go about things.

After a few minutes his wife says, “Bell #4.”

The firefighter asks, “What the hell is Bell #4?”.

His wife says, “Roll out some more hose, you’re nowhere near the fire.”

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