When a Gunman stopped a Driver and asked him to take his ? out

step out of the car and take his pants off.

Gunman: “Now start masturbating or I’ll put a bullet in your head”

Driver obliges seeing he has no choice.

Gunman: “Don’t stop until you cum”

Soon, the driver cums.

Gunman: “Start masturbating again…”

Driver obliges once again to save his life.

The Gunman repeats this 5 times and asks the same for the 6th time.

Driver: “Sir, shoot me if you must but there’s no way I can get hard again”

Gunman turns his head and says, “Gloria you can come out now”

A beautiful 18 year old comes out of the house on the side of the road.

Gunman: “This is my daughter. Please give her a ride to the next town. Thank you.”

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