When a Guy keeps giving extra money to a Prostitute

pleased. She takes the money and gets out of the car.

The next night, the guy halts with his car near the same prostitute and asks “How much for fucking?“.

“200“ she replies.

He agrees. She hops in the car and they drive off to shag somewhere in a dark alley. When they‘re done, he thanks her for the great sex and gives her additional $150. Again, surprised but pleased, she leaves him and he drives off.

The next night, the dude shows up again and asks the same prostitute “How much for anal?“.

“300“ she replies.

He agrees, she gets in his car and they drive to the same dark alley and get freaky. After they‘re done, he gives her additional $200.

“Why do you keep giving me that much money?“ She asks.

“Are you Mary Smith from Greenville who moved out last year to become an actress?“

“Um… yes… why?“

“Your mother says hello and sends you $1000“.

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