When a Guy was feeling insecure about his Relationship

Guy: No, really. How are you feeling about me? What do you like, what don’t you like? I need details…

Girl: Oh right, details… well I think you’re wonderful. First impressions are really good. Nice and tall, lovely head of mousy brown hair and a nice style. Good strong nose, a little on the large side but I like it.

Gorgeous brown eyes, a cute smile although you need to fix your teeth. Great physique – nice broad shoulders and manly arms.

A little bit of a beer belly but that’s fine. Nice athletic legs, good firm butt.

A great d**k – a decent length and nice and thick. And you really know how to use it! S** has been amazing, passionate and powerful but you also have a lovely sensitive side.

I really enjoy spending time with you. You’re really funny and engaging to be around. You have a bit of a quick temper when you get frustrated but don’t we all?

All my friends seem to like you and my mum thinks you’re brilliant. So yeah, all in all I couldn’t be happier – it’s been an incredible couple of months and I really feel like I’m falling for you in a big way. Ok? Is that enough detail for you??

Guy: What do you mean, “decent”?

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