When A Guy was looking for a Zookeeper Job and gave Interview

gorilla costume and if you wear that, it’s just like the real thing. Also, it pays very well.

“Sure thing!” the man says, “and what do I need to do exactly?”

“Well”, the director starts, “you need to go into the gorilla cage. There are a few ropes and you only need to swing a bit from one rope to another. That’s it.”

The man takes the job and the next morning he starts. He’s trying to swing back and forth and to jump from one rope to another and by the time it’s noon, he’s getting quite good at it. A lot of people are looking at this spectacle. Suddenly he’s so into it that he swings and he lands into the next cage.

A surprised lion appears and the man starts shouting “Help, help! Get me out of here!!”

whereas the lion replies “Shut up fool! Or we both will be out of a job!!”

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