When a Hardware company’s CEO asked his Ad Guy to make an Ad for his Nails Business

voice over says, “B&Q nails: they get the job done.” The CEO is irritated and says, “That is completely unacceptable! We are NOT using that!”

A week passes, and the ad man returns with another tape. The new tape shows Jesus hanging on the cross in the background, and in the foreground a centurion turns to the camera and says, “B&Q nails: they hold anything!” The CEO is furious and yells, “JESUS IS NOT GETTING NAILED TO THE CROSS WITH B&Q NAILS, PERIOD!”

Another week goes by, and the ad man comes back with a third tape. This time Jesus sprints down the street with a group of centurions in pursuit. As he passes the camera one of the centurions turns and says, “We should have used B&Q nails!”

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