When an Arab family sent their Grandfather in a Nursing Home

courteous and respectful,” answered grandpa.

“We’re so happy for you,” said the Grandson. “We were worried that this was the wrong place for you, since you’re a little different from everyone.”

“Oh, no! Let me tell you about how wonderfully they treat the residents here,” Abdullah said, with a big smile on his face. “There’s a musician here–he’s 85 years old. He hasn’t played the violin in 20 years, and everyone still calls him Maestro! There is a judge in here–he’s 90 years old. He hasn’t been on the bench in 25 years, and everyone still calls him Your Honor! There’s a dentist here too–95 years old. He hasn’t fixed a tooth for 30 years, and everyone still calls him Doctor!”

“And Me–I haven’t had sex for 35 years, and they still call me The Fucking Arab.”

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