When an Old Rabbi gave this Man his Blessings

Later, the man goes to the racetrack, and he sees that one of the horses in the first race is named “Top Hat.”

He thinks to himself “This must be a sign! The rabbi gave me a blessing!” So he bets $20 on Top Hat, and the horse comes in first place.

On the next race, he bets $100 on a horse named Stetson, and the odds are even longer, but it comes in first as well. Now he’s really sure of himself, and on the next race, he bets all his winnings on a horse named Chateau, at 100-1 odds. But to his shock, the horse comes in dead last.

Dejected, the man goes home to his wife and explains what happened.

“You idiot!” says his wife. “Chateau is a house, chapeau is a hat! We could have been rich!”

“It wouldn’t have mattered,” says the man. “The winner was some Japanese horse named Yarmulke.”

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