When Drunk Guy throw up on his Shirt and his Friend gave him a advice to save him from his Wife

gave you $20 to get your shirt cleaned.”

Completely inebriated the drunk man thanks his new friend and puts a twenty in his shirt pocket and heads for home.

As soon as he walks through the front door his wife becomes irate and starts yelling at him, “Where have you been? you’re completely drunk and you’re a mess. Look at yourself, you puked all over the front of your shirt.”

Completely wasted and slurring his words he explains to the wife, “No no, the guy sitting next to me threw up on my shirt and he gave me $20 to get it cleaned. Look, it’s right here in my shirt pocket.”

The wife reaches into his pocket and pulls out the money, “There’s $40 in here.”

“Oh yeah, he shit in my pants too.”

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