When James got married to the girl he dreamed of

and said, “Do you want to see me wee wee?”

She yelled, “No! No! please zip it up.”

Instead of being annoyed, James was pleased. On the evening of their engagement to be married, he tried the same thing, with the same result. Finally on the wedding night, they were alone in the hotel room.

When he unzipped his fly and said to her, “Darling, now you can look at what I’ve got here”, and proceeded to take out his organ.

She looked and replied, “Oh, What a sweet looking wee-wee!”

James said, “No darling you don’t have to call it a wee-wee now; you can call it a co*k.”

She looked at it for a while and then said “No James that’s a wee-wee. A Co*k is long, thick and black!”

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