When Mother took her two misbehaving kids to the local Priest

agreed to take the boys in one at a time to talk to the priest.


She brought the first boy (Ray) to the church and left the second boy (Jim) at home. She took Ray into the priest’s office and stayed outside while the priest and Ray talked.


“Where is God?” The priest calmly asked expecting to make the point that “God is everywhere”. Ray, petrified, said nothing. So the priest asked again slightly louder, “Where is God?!”. Ray still said nothing. So the priest stood up and slammed his hands on the desk yelling, “WHERE IS GOD?!?!”. Ray stood up and ran out of the office, past his mother, and ran all the way home.


He came screaming in the front door and ran straight to Jim’s room. He opened the door and said, “GOD IS MISSING AND THEY THINK WE TOOK HIM!”.

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