When Taiwanese kid asked his Father some Questions

What’s ‘ku xiao bu de (Taiwanese expression meaning “not knowing whether to laugh or to cry”)?'”

His father thinks for a moment–how will he explain this? Then he comes up with an idea. He picks up the phone and dials a random number. The conversation goes like this:

Person on the other end: “Hello, this is the Lin residence, how may I help you?”

Dad: “Hello. I’m looking for Chow Yun-fat.” (famous Hong Kong actor, well-known from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

Mr. Lin: “Excuse me, what?”

Dad: “I’m looking for Chow Yun-fat.”

Mr. Lin: “I think you’re mistaken–this is the Lin residence.”

Dad: “Please, I beg you, may I speak to Chow Yun-fat?”

Mr. Lin: “Oh, this is ridiculous! I’ve had enough.” He hangs up the phone.

The father explains to his son: “There, you see? That person is angry.”

The young boy nods, understanding. Then his dad picks up the phone again and dials the same number. Mr Lin responds, politely:

“Hello, this is the Lin residence, how may I help you”

“I’d like to please speak to Chow Yun-fat.”

“Did you just escape from the mental institute or something? This is the Lin residence, did you not hear me already?”

“I’m sorry about that. Could you help me find Chow Yun-fat, please?”

“Find your mother’s ass!” Mr. Lin hangs up again, and the boy’s father explains: “Now that person is not just angry, he is furious. Now for ‘crazy.’ What does crazy mean? I’ll show you.”

He picks up the phone again and dials the number a third time. Mr. Lin is still furious, saying, “This is harassment, you hear me? Keep this up and I’lll call the police and get you arrested!”

The dad responds, “Hello, is this the Lin residence?”

Mr. Lin is taken aback. He responds, much more gently: “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I’ve just been getting a bunch of prank calls lately and I’m a little on edge. Who is it you’re looking for?”

“I’m looking for Chow Yun-fat.”

The dad hangs up and explains, “Now that’s what you call crazy.”

For his final act, the boy’s father picks up the phone and dials the same number one more time.

By this point, Mr. Lin is absolutely frothing at the mouth, sputtering, “This is enough, you hear me? ENOUGH! I’m calling the police! I’ll have no more of this. I’m DONE!”

The dad says, “Hello, this is Chow Yun-fat. Has anyone been asking for me?”

And that, my friends, is someone who doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

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