When Teacher asked weird questions to kids

ask their fathers.

Kids came back the next day. No one knew the answer.

“Look,” said Mr. Dickson, quite enjoying himself while holding his index finger against his thumb, forming a little ‘zero’. “This is one hole, my nose has 2 holes, and I can put my hand over my nose and make my nose holes appear inside this other hole.”

“Ahh, right” said the children.



The next day, Little Johnny stood up and said, “Mr. Dickson, my daddy wants to know if you know how to put 7 holes in one hole.”

“Hmmmm,” Mr Dickinson said, “How do you put 7 holes in one? Well, I’ll be darned. I don’t know how to do that. Um, did your father tell you how to?”

“Yes,” said Little Johnny, He asked me to tell you, “Take a flute and shove it up your ass”!

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