When Three Comrades were on the Train in Soviet Union

not really be telling political anecdotes just like that. KGB has every room wiretapped here.”

“Come on, it’s bullshit. Nothing to worry about” – answer the guys.

“No no, KGB really hears everything you are saying. Here, let me show you.”

The comrade snaps his fingers and says: “Comrade Major, three cups of tea, please!”

In a few seconds, train staff bring the tea in. The two comrade are totally shocked. They shut up quickly. Soon, all three go to bed.

Next morning the pranker comrade wakes up alone in the room. He goes out and asks the train staff, where those two comrades went.

“Oh, KGB took them last night.”

The comrade asks, totally terrified: “How come, they let me off?!”

The train staff answer: “Well, Comrade Major really like your tea prank!”

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