Woman Makes Deal with Genie to Cheat on Husband, but the Genie’s Sinister Plan Takes a Shocking Turn!

All of a sudden, a genie showed up and offered her help but said that he’ll only do it on the condition of drowning her in 2 years.

She accepted the offer and her lover disappeared within seconds.

Two years later, a bunch of her female friends invited her to go on a cruise that had over 600 women on board. She had forgotten about the deal with the genie and accepted the invitation.

The genie showed up and asked if she remembered him. She said no and he reminded her of their deal and told her he was about to drown the ship.

“I made a mistake, why should the other innocent women be punished for it,” she protested.

“I have been gathering you whores for the last 2 years.” He answered.

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