Man’s Hilarious Quest for a Mattress Turns into a Comedy of Errors! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

“What’s up” says the acquaintance..

“Went to the other village to buy a mattress”..

“How much did you buy it for?”


“Man, you got screwed..I bought a better quality mattress for 175 the other day”…

The man is a little pissed but walks on…and then runs into another acquaintance, and similar conversation follows but this time the guys says..

“Man you got screwed, I bought a better quality mattress for 150 the other day”..

The guys keeps walking, meeting people, everyone telling him how he got screwed, the last one telling him that he got a better quality mattress for 75 + two pillows thrown in…

The guy is massively pissed and as he gets close to his house, he runs into his neighbor..

Neighbor: “What’s up?”

At this point, the guy has no patience left and says

“I went to the other village to get screwed”..

Neighbor: “And you took your own mattress too?”

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