New Neighbor Receives Unexpected Invitation to Wild Country Party! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

“Howdy neighbor!” the pickup driver says. “My name’s Bill! I live next door and wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood!”

“Well, thanks Bill. That’s right friendly,” says the man.

“My pleasure,” Bill says. Then, “Hey listen, the reason I drove over here is that I’m having a party this Saturday and I’d really like you to come. And it is sure going to be a doozy. There’s going to be eatin’, and drinkin’, and fuckin’, and fightin’ . . , I tell you, it’s going to be great!”

“Well, that sounds just fine, Bill,” says the man. “What should I wear?”

“Oh, it don’t matter,” Bill explains. “It’s just gonna be you and me.”

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