When 5 actors from USA, INDIA, CHINA, NEPAL and UK participated in a competition

Nepal, India, USA, UK and China.

They were each given a cow and 1 hour of allotted time to milk the cow.

The competition started and then ended soon.

Then the judges went on and checked how much they each milked.

They went and checked UK’s representative (Michael Caine). He only milked 10 ltrs. of milk.

Then they moved onto China’s Jet Li. Using his martial arts technique, he milked an astonishing 20 ltr. of milk from the cow.

Then Rajanikanth patted Li on the back and showed them he had milked 25 ltrs.

Chuck Norris was already laughing at them. For he had milked 30 ltrs. of milk

Now, The judges moved onto Rajesh Hamal. When they looked into his bucket, They were astounded. He had only milked 1 ltr. of milk

They declared Chuck to be the winner and later interviewed everyone.

When it was Rajesh’s turn, they asked ” Why only 1 ltr?”

To which he replied “Those motheryucker gave me a bull”

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