When a Guy had a Foul Mouthed Parrot

parrot in cold water till it came to senses. Jimmy threatened that if the parrot calls the woman a whore again, he would drown the parrot again.

The next day, Jimmy happily told the woman that he had taught the parrot a lesson and it would never call her names.

Wanting to make sure, the woman went and talked to the parrot.

“If I exit my house with a guy, what would you say?”

The parrot replied “I’ll say that you are with your boyfriend.”

The woman wanting to test the parrot more asked again, “What if I came out of my house with two guys?”

The parrot answered, “I’ll say that’s your boyfriend and brother.”

The woman continued, “What if I came out with three guys?”

The parrot shouted, “Hey Jimmy, bring that cold water, this bitch is a fuckin ho’!”

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