When a Woman demanded Money from her Husband for S*x

money. $10 in the kitchen, $30 in the living room, $50 in the bedroom. The man isn’t made of money, that should slow him down”.

She agrees and thanks the doctor. Excited she goes home ready to use his advice. She starts to prepare dinner. Her husband comes home, doesn’t even ask about dinner, but immediately sneaks up behind her and brushes up to her and plays grab ass.

She turns to him and says. “Honey, I have a new rule regarding sex”.

He replies, “Okay hon, shoot”!

She continues, “From now on, I demand money for sex. $10 in the kitchen, $30 in the living room, $50 in the bedroom”.

He looks at her says, “Okay, I think you deserve that, you do so much, no problem”.

He reaches for his wallet and sees he has a $50 bill in his wallet and hands it to his wife.

She says, “Okay let’s go up to the bedroom”.


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