When a Gorgeous Blonde Woman invited Mailman inside her House

he lifts the little flap to drop the mail in the mailbox, the door opens up and standing in the door is this stunning blonde woman wearing nothing but a sheer robe. She welcomed the mail carrier in and leads him to her bedroom where they have sex for hours.

Once the fun is over, she tells him to get dressed and to meet her in the kitchen.

When he walks into the kitchen, he sees the table covered in delicious-looking food. The woman tells him to sit down as she made a plate of anything he wanted.

As he finished his breakfast, he thanked the woman for her hospitality.

She said, “Not so fast. Flip the plate over!”.

He flips the plate over to find a dollar bill taped to the bottom. He finally says, “Listen, I appreciate everything you’ve done. The sex was amazing, the food was just fantastic, and now money. But why!? In all the years I’ve been your mailman, I’ve never met you, nor have you ever put out gifts for holidays or anything. Why all of this now!”.

The blonde women explains, “I got your note saying you were retiring. I asked my husband if we should do anything for you. His answer was, ‘Fuck ‘em, give ‘em a dollar.’ Breakfast was my idea!”.

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