When St. Peter asked Three Women if they Lived Chaste Life?

wedding night.” St. Peter turns to the angel and says “Ah, a woman who has lived as God intended, and certainly deserving of reward. Give her a key to the golden room.”

The second woman says, “I have never known a man’s touch. I was a nun, and stayed in the sisterhood since I was only a young lass.”

St. Peter turned to the angel and said “Truly exceptional, a woman who has gone above and beyond in service of God. Give her a key to the platinum room!”

The third woman says “I fucked 239 dudes: 67 before I met my husband, 35 while we were dating, 12 while we were engaged, 78 while we were married and 46 after he died.”

St. Peter stood stunned for a second, then leaned over to the angel and whispered, “Give her a key to my room.”

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