When Teacher asked Student about their Families and what they need in their lives

on the table. Money is needed in my family, more time with my dad is needed.”

The teacher is moved, she thanks the student and moves on to the next, a little boy stands up and says “all we are missing in my family is my older brother. He wen’t off to fight in the war a year ago and nobody has heard from him since. My mom always waits for him by the window. My brother is desperately needed back in our family.”

The teacher is now tearing up, she thanks the little boy and moves on to the next student, eventually making their way around the classroom with one heartfelt response after another.

Finally they come to the last student, Little Johnny. The teacher has come to expect antics from him but gives him a chance. “Little Johnny, what about you… what is something needed by your family?” Little Johnny stands up briefly and says “nothing, we have everything” and sits back down. The teacher, slightly upset, asks “Now how is that possible? Each of your classmates have shared something, how can you be so sure that your family doesn’t need a thing?”

Little Johnny stands back up and says “well I was watching TV with my parents late last night when my sister came home crying. She said DAD! Please don’t be mad at me but I am pregnant! My dad disappointingly slapped his knee and said “Damn it! That’s all we needed!”

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