When a Hippie sat next to a Beautiful Nun

driver yells “hey you, hippie, come over here. I heard what you said to the nun, and I’ve got a little tip for you. She goes to pray at her father’s grave on the St. Martin graveyard every Sunday at 10PM”.

The hippie thanks him for the tip and get’s off the bus. On the next Sunday at 10PM, the hippie goes to the St. Martin graveyard in a Jesus costume and after a few minutes he finds the nun.

“Hello nun” he says, “God told me I shall come to Earth to fcuk with you!”

The nun says well, if that is God’s plan, so be it – but I must remain a virgin so you’ll have to fcuk me in the ass”.

So they go behind a bush and start to fuck. After they’re done the hippie throws of his costume and yells “gotcha, I’m the hippie!”,

then the nun throws off her costume and yells “gotcha, I’m the bus driver!”

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