When Vladimir Putin woke up from a Coma

appearance. After wandering around for a bit, he stumbles into the nearest bar. He sits down at the bar and orders a full glass of vodka.

He sips nervously and musters the courage to ask the bartender: “What year is it?”

The bartender is confused, but replies: “2025…”

Putin takes another sip of his drink to process this information. He then asks: “And Crimea, is it still ours?”

Bartender proudly replies: “Still ours!”

Putin nods in approval and takes another sip. Then, he follows: “And Kiev, is it also ours?”

Bartender replies: “Kiev also ours.”

A big, happy grin appears on Putin’s face, as he finally finishes the drink and asks the bartender: “How much for the vodka?”

Bartender: “100 hryvnias!”

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