When Johnny’s friend refuses to pay him 2000 Gold Coins

princess’ bra while she was taking a bath. The plan worked successfully, when the prince heard that the princess is having huge discomfort on her chest, he summoned all the palace workers and asked if they know the remedy. Johnny raised his hand and answered

“My Prince, I know of the solution of the problem, it’s a virus, originated in Spain which travels through many countries and infects people rapidly, there is only one solution to this, Prince… but I’m not sure you would like it.

The prince instantly replies “Go on, what is the solution?”

“Well, I know a person, he has the cure in his tongue, when his tongue touches the affected body part it cures the person, if you allow me I will call him immediately to the palace at once.”

“Yes, please do it.”

Johnny’s friend comes and does his thing, enjoying and savoring every moment of it, and also secretly applying the lotion which cures the itching. The Prince and Princess thank him, and he leaves.

At night, Johnny asked his friend for his pay to which his friend refused without any second thoughts and said

“I made a fool out of you, now go, I won’t give you your money. What are you going to do? Tell the prince that you sprinkled the itching powder on the princess?”

Johnny was very furious at this, he thought for a while and then he found out what to do. He sprinkled the itching powder on the prince’s underwear.

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